Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Discipline your body

This week at church we have our JAM Club on. This is our annual holiday Bible club – JAM standing for ‘Jesus and me’ – and we have 160 children from 5-13 years old coming out each day to learn more about God. It is amazing! And it is so true that we as adults can learn such a lot from the kids we teach!

Our Bible points are all about trusting God no matter what and we are learning that ‘Everything is possible with God’ (Mark 10:27). Today’s message was especially significant for me – no matter how you FEEL – trust God!

This morning I felt awful. My second son had been picked and hurt by a couple of boys in his group yesterday and was very upset about it, so of course I got very upset too. I am a very emotional person normally so this didn’t help, and I managed to spend my first hour at JAM club crying my eyes out! The leaders (other than me!!) all dealt with it wonderfully and I had complete confidence that it wouldn’t happen again, but I still felt upset, angry and very very weepy.  It took a strong cup of coffee and listening to 160 children sing about trusting God no matter how you FEEL to make me take a look at myself and give my tears and fears to God.

But what does this have to do with disciplining our bodies? One of the next disciplines that Elizabeth highlights is the need to discipline our bodies – no matter how we feel! We need to make sure that we keep our focus and dedication whether we feel like doing it or not; whether we think it’s worth it or not; whether we want to or not.

I really did not feel like doing JAM Club this morning, just like I don’t ever – and I mean EVER – feel like going for a walk or eating an apple instead of a cookie. But it doesn’t matter what I feel. I need to take the emotion out of it and do what I KNOW to be right. I have to take control and make sure that I do what I need to, to keep my body healthy and to discipline my body so it does what it should.

And just like this morning at JAM Club – I know when I let God take over, and trust Him no matter what, everything is possible!
Keep shining… J

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