Monday, 23 July 2012

Managing our marriages

The next couple of weeks will be looking at managing our marriages and then managing our children. Some of you will be very excited about this, while others who have neither a husband nor children will be thinking of turning off! But please don’t!! I am going to try to have a little something for you too – a little tip on how you can apply the principles to your life even if your circumstances are a little different to this.

Marriage today is something that is going out of fashion. A lot of people are content to live with their partners, thinking it’s always easier to get out of a relationship if you don’t have to go through a divorce… and even then when people do get married, its seen as a temporary thing – with an ‘you can always get a divorce if things don’t work out’ viewpoint.

This is not marriage the way God created it to be. God created marriage to be the beautiful joining of the lives of a man and a woman, until death parts them, no matter what circumstances they are facing. It doesn’t change because someone gets sick, loses all their money or because you wake up one morning and decide that you no longer love the man you’re with.

Over the next couple of days we’ll be looking at what marriage is, about why it is good and about how we can enrich our marriages to be what God created them to be. And then we’ll be looking at ten disciplines for a meaningful marriage. I am hoping that these will be practical things you can do to help cherish, encourage and love the man you fell in love with all those years ago.

And if you aren’t married we’ll be looking at why it’s good to be single, and how you can use this time to make sure that you are relying totally on God and not just sitting in limbo waiting for Mr. Right.

I trust, again, that you will all recognise that this is coming from my heart so although I will be walking you through some Bible verses, any errors or viewpoints you don’t agree with are mine! And I do value any feedback you want to give - so please be kind!!

Keep shining… J

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