Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Praying... again!

You shall pray for your husband...

“Never stop praying…”
1 Thessalonians 5:17

 For the MARRIED ladies – this is something we touched on during the week, but it is so important that we start to systematically pray Scripture over and for our husbands. They need so much protection and encouragement. This isn’t something that we are just glibly pray ‘help him Lord’ (although I’m sure that works just fine too!) but something that we should take joy in praying knowing that when we bring our husbands before the Lord He will answer our prayers. There is a 31 day programme for praying for your husband at a great wee site called Inspired to Action. My challenge would be for you to take the time to go through this and if you aren’t already doing it, take the month of August to totally focus on praying for him.

For the SINGLE ladies – obviously we talked about this on Friday when I wrote about the concept of praying for your future husband. If you haven’t read the post it can be found HERE, and my challenge to you is to start to really intentionally pray for your future spouse. And if you want to get the book and read it, I would still love a review!!
Keep shining... J

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