Sunday, 29 July 2012

Praying for your future husband

I have to admit that this isn’t something I thought about much before I started thinking about this series. I always assumed that my little prayer of ‘Please God, give me a Christian husband’ was enough. But my eyes have been opened and I have a couple of great links for you.

As Christians we pray about everything… or at least we should!! So why should this be any different? We pray for our jobs, our friends and our families, our homes…. and if you are anything like me you pray details!!! When I pray for my job  or my kids I go into tremendous detail in my conversation with God – telling Him exactly what I think He should do, before obviously leaving it with Him!

But when it came to wanting a husband, I honestly thought my simple prayer was enough. I didn’t think it was right to give God a list of everything I wanted in my husband – because let’s face it, at that time in my life my faith wasn’t what it is now, and I probably would have ended up praying for specifics like brown hair, nearly 6ft tall with blue eyes!! (Yep – that describes my hubby to a tee!!)

But when I read a few blog posts and really thought through the Proverbs 31 list of what a virtuous wife is like, I began to wonder what you should be praying for when it comes to praying for your future husband. I began to think about all the qualities I wanted my husband to have,  apart from having a strong faith and a desire to serve God first – but even those are things to pray for.

I truly do believe that this is one of the gifts you can give your future spouse, if you end up getting married. I read one story of a woman who was woken out of her sleep one night with a sense of urgency to pray for her future husband because she felt he was going through something important. So she stayed up all night praying for him. What an experience! I’m not sure what I would have done in the same circumstance, but this lady prayed earnestly for him all night long. When she finally met him and they were dating, he happened to mention that the previous year he’d been in a terrible car accident and had been at death’s door. Amazed she asked for the dates and yes – you’ve guessed it – that was the very night she had spent in prayer for him!! WOW J

And I have heard other stories with a similar point. Praying for your future husband can make a  big difference and have a huge impact on his life – whether you know it or not! A wonderful lady that I know even had an experience where she cried out to God asking him to make her someone’s angel – because she wanted to serve God in that way. When she eventually met her husband-to-be he told her that he had prayed for God to send him an angel… the very same night!! I cried when I heard that! It truly is amazing what God can do in your life and in his when you pray like this.

I have a wonderful programme that I use that has been written to encourage women to pray for their husbands, but while this would be helpful to pray for a future spouse, I’m not sure it’s exactly right for it. But I have had a book recommended so I’ll give you the link for that as well as the original plan. I don’t usually recommend books I haven’t read, but it came recommended by someone I trust, so read it at your own risk!!

The original prayer plan can be found at under the resources area. Kat has lots of other great tutorials and ebooks, so her site is well worth a visit. And the book is called ‘Praying for your future husband' and is written by Robin Jones Gunn and Tricia Goyer. They inspire you to pray:

  • …for His Heart
  • …that He Will Be a God Lover (a lover of God)
  • …for Patience
  • …for Understanding
  • …for Trust
  • …for Loyalty and Faithfulness
  • …for Strength
  • …for Protection
  • …for Intimacy
  • …for “The List” (the list of things a girl wants her future husband to be)
  • …for Contentment
  • …for Commitment

Sounds good? This is definitely one that I’ll be looking out for so that I can read it too!! So my advice is to think seriously about bringing your future spouse to God and praying for him. Maybe you’ll end up with one of those lovely stories to share later in life, to inspire the next generation to pray for their future husbands too. And if not, then you definitely will have made an impact in his life, because we serve an Almighty God who always listens when we pray, and always answers us, one way or another.

Let me know if you get the book and maybe you can do a wee review on here for us!! For the next two weeks we’ll be looking at Elizabeth George’s ten disciplines for maintaining a meaningful marriage, but each day I’ll have a little thought for you guys too!

And until then keep shining… J 

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