Wednesday, 8 August 2012

It's good to talk...

You shall talk things over…

The all important topic of conversation! If you are MARRIED then I am primarily talking about how you communicate with your husband, and if you are SINGLE then it is focused on anyone that you live or work with - whether that’s family or friends.

So I want you to ask yourself honestly - how do you communicate with your husband/family members? Do you talk in raised tones, shouting your questions at them across the room or across the table? Or do you speak respectfully in quiet, calming tones? Do you use abusive or hard language when you speak to him or do you use loving language? Do you build him up or do you tear him down?

'When she speaks, her words are wise,
and she gives instructions with kindness.'
Proverbs 31:26

We need to really think about what kind of message our words, our tone and he volume of our voices send to our husbands and family members. We want to be a help and an encouragement to them, building them up and providing a house that is a haven. And trust me when I tell you that shouting and cursing them (even the ‘nice’ words we Christians use when we don’t want to use bad language!!) is never going to make your home into a haven. Take some time today BEFORE you open your mouth and think and pray about what you are going to say, before it comes out.

The second important thing about this discipline is actually doing the talking! If you are MARRIED it is so important that you learn to make decisions, whether they are small or big, with your husband and not on your own. Trust me when I say that this works!! I am the most gullible person alive and every time I get caught on my doorstep I end up signing up to something or talking to the person for ages before I get the courage to say no! So I have taught myself to run all my decisions past my husband, and it has been the best thing ever. Not only do I pray about things but I also have the wisdom that God has given my husband to help me make that decision. Now I make much less mistakes and I have someone to share the guilt if things go wrong!! J

And if you are SINGLE, then it is so important that you find someone to be accountable to. My advice would be to find some other Christian woman that you find it easy to talk to, and who will you’re your confidences, and then you can talk through things, whether they be work, church, your faith and they can be a sounding board for you. It also helps you to be accountable with respect to your single life, having someone who can pray for you as you go through hard situations, attractions to the wrong people or temptation, especially with respect to sex and purity. As the advert says ‘It’s good to talk!'

Keep shining... J

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