Saturday, 11 August 2012

Linky links!!

A list of useful sites for marriage advice:

·         Time-Warp Wife -

·         Women Living Well -

·         Cindy Beall -

·         Family life -

·         Marriage Uncensored -

·         Together in Marriage - (written by friends of ours!!)

A list of useful sites for help on living your single life for God:

·         Josh Harris - (you just need to scroll down a little for the article!!

·         Girltalk -

·         Just between us -

·         Christian single woman -

·         Heart Wing Ministries -

Now – I am giving you these as a guide – I’ve read some interesting articles on or about each of them but since I have not read everything on all of these sites, please do pray for a spirit of discernment as you read through them and remember that anything you read (including my blog) must match up with God’s Word or it’s not worth looking twice at!! J

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