Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Discipline 2 - Pray for your home

Keeping with our verse from yesterday - Matthew 6:21 - we want to think more about where our hearts lie and where our treasure is. When I began to think about this I assumed that my treasure would be my husband and children, after all we're told not to collect earthly treasures down here but heavenly ones...

Then I encountered yesterday's challenge - to make my treasure serving my husband and children by making my home a place they can relax, be themselves and be loved. That changed everything. I still think of them as my treasure, rather than my house, but in that, I need to make sure I am doing well by them  and not expecting them to live in a pig sty. 

Today's discipline is all about prayer. We have spoken before about the importance of prayer in all we do, and this is where the miracles happen! It is virtually impossible to hate or despise someone or something you are praying for - I would suggest you try it but I don't want to think of anyone hating anyone out there!! But also, it is impossible to neglect something you are praying for. You automatically start thinking more about it, start focusing on it and doing more about it. It is true for everything in life - people, diets, exercise, building relationships - and it is true for our homes. When we take the time to pray about managing our homes and keeping it as a service to our loved ones rather than a chore, the difference is amazing!

I am only just starting to find this, as I washed up and cleaned the kitchen last night after dinner, and my son came in and complimented me on the tidiness of my kitchen! It is very humbling when your children thank you for something you should have been doing their whole lives. But ladies, it is also an amazing feeling to know that something that once was mundane is now something I can do in love - I'm not suggesting it's a joy yet - and I am not singing while I work!! But I am learning and I am loving the process! :)

Have any of you experiences this as well or am I the only odd one here? 
Please feel free to share your experiences! 
Keep shining... 

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