Monday, 24 September 2012

Discipline 4 - Be on schedule!

For the fourth discipline in this mini-series, ELizabeth George suggests that we sit down and make out a schedule for today and the rest of the week... and then try to stick to it.
Oh my... I have to admit at this point that I hate the word schedule... truly and utterly hate it! The very word conjures up images of perfectly laid out schedules that I couldn't follow if I tried, and the feeling of failing is not something I enjoy or want to put myself through by choice!
Don't get me wrong - scheduling is a wonderful tool that I wish I could utilise successfully in my hectic life, I just haven't found a way to do it that works yet!! I have looked at countless examples of other people's schedules, and found, to my disappointment, that you can never follow someone else's schedule because their life probably looks nothing like yours! (I know - its common sense but it take me a couple of tries before I realised this fact!!)

The one great thing about scheduling is that if it works, you manage to get everything you planned done in the time scale you allotted, and you finish the day feeling fulfilled and much happier than if you messed around and got nothing completed.

My ideal day would include all the necessary housework, time with my husband and children, time with God and some time doing something I enjoy - like crafts or cross-stitch. God blessed us with 24 hours in our days and I can't complain that I don't have enough time, because I know that its how I schedule it (or don't in my case) thats the problem.

So my challenge to you all today is this - let's take Elizabeth's advice and write out a schedule... and if you do decide to join in, please let me know if it works for you!! Taking one day at a time I intend to try to make a schedule that fits my family, and I promise if it works I'll let you know!!

But when you are making out your schedules, remember the main points - you need to prioritise time with God (put it in first) and you need to give your day over to God before it begins. I always find my days go better, scheduled or not, when I have taken the time to give it God before the chaos starts, and allow Him to work divine appointments and off-schedule moments in when He wants to.

Ann Voscamp has a great page that she uses to plan out her day and one for her week. Its a bit of a mixture of scheduling and daily planning, but it is very useful as it has dedictaed areas for writing down your passage of Scripture from your time with God, and any memory verses you may be memorising.

No matter which way we plan our days, everything we do needs to bring glory and honour to Him, so as we make our daily schedules remember to keep shining... :)

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