Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A blog and a sick boy :(

Apologies for being away for so long. Life got a little hectic and I got a bit lost in the everyday routine - or should I say I got a little trying to get an everyday routine that actually works everyday in our mad house!!

I sat down on Monday evening to write a post for this blog, and started successfully, before hearing the noise all mothers dread... One of the boys in the next room started whimpering in their sleep and as I went to check on him I heard the dreaded noise of someone being violently sick in their bed :(

My wee man had to be comforted as the other two boys were stealthily moved from their beds to our bed, and I started the wonderful job of cleaning up... Only to start the whole process again an hour later! The joys of being a mama!!

So the blog was forgotten and I spent the night on tender-hooks in the same room as the poor boy, wondering when I'd be woken again! I did the classic clean-up (several times) and stuck it all in a bin bag, which was thrown out the window into our back garden!! Not only does it take the offending articles out of the room, but it also helps to kill the smell quicker than anything! I read it in a blog one day, laughed my head off and then realised that it actually does work a treat!!

So with all the boys back to normal, as normal as our family will ever get anyway, I am hoping to resume writing posts for the blog. Thank you for continuing to read this - I pray that God will bless each of you and meet you wherever you are and whatever you are doing - even if it is being covered in something yucky!!

Keep shining... :)

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