Thursday, 25 October 2012

A ladies meeting and another sick day!

Last night I thought I had it sorted - resuming my blog writing and starting to really focus again on what God wants to tell me and how I can shine for Him... And then 3am came and my second son decided to throw up! 

So I have yet another day at home with a poorly baby (who's 8) and who at this moment is lying on the sofa under a duvet cover, watching Disney! There have to some perks for being sick and having to stay at home with me! 

Before this wonderful turn of events I had been at a special oldies night at our church. The evening was called 'Whats in your bag?' and was a fantastic mixture of fun and games, fellowship and a great epilogue. The speaker, Bridget Finlay, talked about how the mess at the bottom of our bags can reflect the mess of our hearts and lives, especially when we are trying to put on a perfect face and hide anything we don't want others to see. But she made a point near the end that really struck me. 

She was talking about having 'Face Time' on her phone with her sister, and she said how sometimes we feel as if we have to really be better or more together  before we have Face Time with God. She talked about how we need to forget that and come to God like children... and this is what I loved!

Children, when they come running to their parents, don't worry if they have faces covered in chocolate and runny noses, or that their feet are caked in mud. They are truly expressive and let us know exactly how they feel - they cry when they are hurt, scream when they are frustrated and annoyed, ask for something to eat or drink when they are hungry or thirsty, and fall asleep on daddy's shoulder when they are tired. Another thing that they do (that we might not like!!) is that when they need us they will automatically assume we will be there waiting to talk to us - even when you happen to be graving a conversation with someone else, on the phone or doing something important!! 

We need to remember that Gos wants us to come to Him exactly as we are. He IS always there for us and is never annoyed if we 'interrupt' Him. He will always listen, always be there to comfort us and will always supply our every need. When we come to Him in the midst of our mess He helps us straighten things out and helps us through any situation we find ourselves in. He really is my best friend ever. 

So next time your daughter or son comes running into you covered in dear know what, take a minute to give them an extra special hug and remember that God wants us to come to Him the same way - just as we are. 

We'll be returning to our series working our way through Elizabeth George's book on Monday - but in a slightly different way. I hope you like it. Until then it's just me and my thoughts, and hopefully a little encouragement to you!

Keep shining... :)

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  1. Amazing, just what I needed to here and a lovely reminder. Thank you