Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A gift.... of love

I love the fact that when I look around my life I can see where God has introduced certain people into my path that have been such a blessing and encouragement to me. Two of these people are the subject of my first 'relationship gift' post. I'd like you to meet...

... my mum and dad!!!

I didn't grow up in a typical Christian home although I was sent out to a local church to attend GB and Sunday School each week. Neither of my parents were believers until I was 10 years old and my Mum was introduced to Jesus. 

I had been born in Enniskillen - a lovely town you might be familiar with since it recently hosted the G8 meetings - before moving up nearer to Belfast when I was 7. When we moved up to Co. Down we moved up to live on a farm, which was amazing! My Dad was a teacher so he didn't 'work' the farm, but we did have dogs, goats and horses, which I loved. I had just about the happiest childhood you could ask for, with my three wonderful sisters, getting on as only sisters can!! Yet as soon as Mum came to know Christ as her Saviour, we were all aware that something was missing from our lives. We started to attend a children's meeting, and very soon each of us girls had given our lives over to God. 

My Dad took a little longer... I remember the day well - I was up at university (in Belfast) and was getting ready to go to class (yep, I did go sometimes!!) when I got a phone call from him telling me he had finally made the decision and given control of his life over to God. I could hardly breathe - only that morning a group of us had held an early morning prayer meeting and prayed for him (and some others)!! 

I am so thankful that God chose to give me these two as parents. They are such a wonderful example of godliness in action - and even now I can sit quite happily at Mum's kitchen table and discuss different Bible passages and ask for pray without a thought. It is a very special thing when you have Christian parents and I know how amazingly blessed I am to have them both living practically on my doorstep. 

My challenge today is this - you may not have Christian parents, but there will have been someone in your life who took on the role of being a spiritual mother or father to you. Think about who that is, and not only take time to thank God for them, but take the time to let them know how special they are in your life. And if it does happen to be your mum and dad, then it's extra cause for thanks!! 

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