Saturday, 14 September 2013

All you need is love...

So we're back to relationships, so it's about time I mentioned the one person who knows me better than anyone else - flaws and all!! My husband is my best friend and my soulmate and I truly love him with all my heart. Here's a wee picture from our wedding 13 years ago :)

We started dating when we were in university and we had a typical relationship - we were going out... then not... then going out... then not... You get the picture!!! :) 

But when we made the plunge and got married on 14th June 2000 it was one of the happiest days of my life. Even the hairdresser not getting my hair to stay up dampened my day!! (Seriously - she couldn't get it to stay up and had to keep going for a wee walk to calm down and focus!!) I was marrying the man I had dreamed about spending the rest of my life with. Everything was going to be perfect. 

But you know as well as I do that marriage is not perfect and it never will be. Marriage is made up of two people who at their base are sinners. Two people who have their own plans, their own personalities and their own flaws. No matter how well the yet on, their will be inevitable conflict and arguments. But that doesn't mean that it has to be bad. We need to work out how to deal with the conflict and how to work together day after day. 

My husband and I have rows, conflict and good old fashioned fights!! But I love him and respect him as the leader of our house and God has truly blessed us together. We have learned how to deal with any disagreements or conflict that arises and end up more in love than ever! Apart from our four wonderful boys, God has blessed us with a job that allows us to work together and to share our ministry with the children. 

My husband is not perfect but he is the perfect man for me. He puts up with my lack of organisation and time management and eats everything I set down in front of him, edible or not! He never complains about me when we are in public, even though there is plenty he could say. And he even treats me like a princess - with treats like a lovely bubble bath run for me when I came in from a Bible study or putting a cover out in front of an open fire and then taking the boys out for the afternoon so I can read :) 

He is also a wonderful man of God and the way he leads our family in God's Word is so special. And of course he is a wonderful father and the boys adore him!! I'm not going to pretend that its all fun and games all the time, but we are committed to each other before God and we intend, with His strength, to make it last 'til death do us part'.

I am so blessed to have my husband, and I know I take him for granted far too much. So my challenge to myself and you is this - take some time to really show and tell your other half how much you love them. Find out their love language - it's worth it - and then fill them up the way THEY need it - not the way you think they need it - trust me there is usually a difference!! And if you aren't married, then take time to celebrate those special people - friends and family - who are in your life. They all have love languages too!! 

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