Thursday, 5 September 2013

The gift of music....

Today I want to look at a different type of gift - a gift that God gives us that helps us to worship Him. I am talking about a creative gift - and don't ever think you aren't creative because there are so many different types of creativity it's unreal!!  And to start us off this morning I want to look at the gift of music. 

I am very slightly musical. I say very slightly because I USED to be able sing (in the choir at school), and I USED to be able to play the guitar and the piano - both very slightly and both a long long time ago!!! I dont honestly know if I would be able to play anything now, or if you   would run away screaming at the sound of my voice... But the one thing I do know for definite is that I love music. 

Music is in my blood and my soul - I lived in the music department at my secondary school during my last 4 years there because I just loved the people and the feeling I got when I helped make some of the most beautiful sounds around. 

And music is a gift that I know helps me to worship my King. I love being able to free my mind from worry, doubt or anger by just starting to sing one of my favourite worship songs no matter where I am. I love how I can use CDs by those who God has blessed with amazing voices, to focus my thoughts on Him and worship Him more completely. I love being able to lose myself in the words of a great hymn and truly give my soul up to worship. 

But I also love how we can all get together at a church service, worship practice or a conference, and raise God's praises through the roof to lift His name higher than any other, and truly unite in Him. Music touches lives and stirs the soul like nothing else. 

And sometimes, in the midst of sadness or heartache, it can get through our pain when nothing else can. It is so lovely to be able to send someone a song link, just when they need it most - and find that its been perfect for them! I am so thankful that God has blessed me with the ears to hear, and others with the gift to play.  A perfect combination!

And so my challenge to you is this - take some time today to stick on your ipod or CD player, and really listen to some worship songs. If you can play an instrument do - even if you haven't played in years - or if you can just sing along then do - even if it only shower worthy!! God loves to hear us lift His praises and there is nothing better to keep our minds focused on Him. What are your favourite songs? 

Praise the Lord, for the Lord is good; celebrate his lovely name with music. 
Psalms 135:3

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