Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The pitter patter of tiny - and not so tiny - feet!!

Sorry for the delay in the next post - unfortunately life got in my way... although I've had a lovely couple of days with my boys so I'm not complaining!! 

Today I was planning to talk about my husband, but I think after the great weekend I've had I should introduce you to my kids instead!! I have been blessed to give birth to four wonderful sons. When I say 'give birth to' and my husband laughs at me because I ended up having four Caesarian Sections, but you know what I mean!!! Men!!! :)

My boys are 11, 9, 7 and 5. They all look totally different - they have four different hair shades (strawberry blonde, red, brown and blonde-blonde!!), have different physiques and totally different quirks, but I love each one the same. I have to admit to not believing people when they said that in the past - I mean there must be something that you like in one more than the others, right?? - but I just found that having more children increased my ability to love ten-hundred-fold and I love each of them for their own wonderful wee personalities, and even more so because they are my sons. 

On our holidays :)

We just had a great weekend together. We laughed together as the daily grace saying turned into an echo because they were too hungry to think of anything else to say other than 'Thank you Lord for the food, amen'!! We cried together as we watched something very sad in a film, even though their tears were probably more from mummy shouting 'Be quiet - this is the emotional bit' all through the movie! :) We played at the play park, while we practiced hockey and football skills. We sat down at every meal together and talked about our days - especially enjoying my lovely Sunday roast!!

But most importantly we worshipped God together and we prayed together as a family. At the end of most evening meals we take some time to sit and read the Bible together. I'm not suggesting we do this every day of life - we'd love to but sometimes we forget or we're in a rush.... And we're definitely not the picture-perfect family you might think when you read this, but we do try to focus our children's minds on our Saviour and make sure they learn about Him from us as we'll as church. It's a very special time and we get them to pray for people we know as well as their friends. It's especially nice when you are praying for babies to be born when friends are getting near their due dates - there's something beautiful about their wee voices being lifted up to Him. 

At the end of prayer time, ready to get into the snacks!! 

So I am so very blessed and so very thankful for the gift of my children. I know that it's not always the case, and I know of several wonderful ladies who can't have kids, and if you are in that category then my heart goes out to you so much. I pray that you will know God drawing near to you if you are dealing with that situation.

But as we draw to a close and I slip into my boys bedrooms to tuck them in yet again - they can't seem to keep covers on them, even in the cold!! - my challenge is to take some time to really thank God for your family - be it kids, nephews, nieces, parents, grand-parents - whoever God has blessed you with, thanking our Saviour that He not only has our lives in His hands, but all of theirs as well.

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