Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Vroom vroom...

Another very practical gift today and one that our family couldn't do without!! Imagine this scene...

My story begins with a family of five who had a lovely Seat Leon which was a dream to drive and was a lovely gleaming black. Then we cut to the woman looking at a home pregnancy test as her husband looks on and realises they are going to have to invest in a bigger car!! 

Well that's what happened to us! I always had wanted four children - there were 6 boys in my husband's family and 4 girls in mine so a big family was always on the cards - but I was happy with my three boys and was quite content to stop if the doctors advised me to. They didn't, so it was only a year after number 3 was born that I realised I was pregnant again. (On a side note - yes I know what does it and yes I have invested in a tv so we're done now!!)

We were delighted to find out there was another one on the way, but then realised all the things that change when you move from 3 to 4 kids - you need more room, you need a bigger car and we needed another cot because number 3 was still using his!! Lots of fun!! We started looking for a car  and went to a company we'd used before to have a look at what they had to offer. They said they'd have a look for us... and that is where the story gets interesting!!

They came back to us with the perfect car. A silver seven seater with everything we needed. The only problem was it was WAY out of our price range. We explained to our friend, the car dealer, that we couldn't afford it and could they look for something else for us. We weren't terribly hopeful that they'd find anything as 'perfect' for our needs, but we left it God's hands and knew we'd get something. 

Thiis is where I struggle. When I want something, I want a certain specific something and most of all I want it right NOW.... I have always struggled with leaving God to work out the details and to work miracles when He needs to, even though He has provided for our needs time after time. And when He does supply what we need, while most of the time it exceeds our expectations, sometimes it's just what we need - mainly because it maybe wasn't exactly what we needed to ask for in the first place - and I totally struggle with being content with what we get. So this is where I was...

I knew that we'd get some sort of bigger car, and I knew that God would provide it, but I worried about what it was going to look like and how I would react. It's an awful flaw and I am working on it, but in this instance God  made the words of Ephesians 3:20 very real to me.

God can do anything, you know—far more than you could ever imagine 
or guess or request in your wildest dreams! 
Ephesians 3:20 MSG

The car dealer went back to the man selling the silver car and after a conversation with him, asked him if he was 'good living'. (For those of you not from our part of the world, he basically asked if the man was a Christian!!) The owner replied that he was and asked why it mattered. Our friend then explained to him our circumstances - that we are missionaries working for God in the world of sports and that we live by faith - and told him that we had loved his car but that it was out of our price range. 

And this was when the miracle took place. The man listened to our friend and immediately dropped his price to the something that WAS in our price range.... and the rest is history! I couldn't believe it when we got the phone call telling us that we had got the car! It truly was a case of God knowing my heart, my struggles with my flaws and the reality of our need, and exceeding our expectations beyond our wildest dreams!! 

So today I am thankful not only for the gift that is our car, but also to the wonderful man of God who listened to the still small voice telling him that we were the people he was to sell his car to, and for him dropping his price accordingly!! 

My challenge for you is this - take some time to think about the big decisions you make in your life. Do you ever think about how they can have an influence on those around you? His decision had an immense impact on our lives, and 5 years later we still love our silver seven seater! 

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