Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A new study!!!

Welcome to the start of our study together in the book of Proverbs! I am so excited to be starting this series - I have wanted to get into God's Word with you all in a deeper way and I have big plans for 2014!! So what better way to end 2013 than looking at the beautiful writings of Solomon in Proverbs. 

We are going to follow a reading plan found in the book "An Overview of the Old Testament" by a wonderfully godly man I know called John Malseed. We are blessed to be related to him, and I am excited to actually get into his wonderful book!! 

So for starters today I want you to read Proverbs 1, taking note of the outline of the chapter as below. Tomorrow I will add the study questions, with further study questions on Thursday for those who want a wee bit more depth, finishing on Friday with some reflective questions, to help apply God's Word to our everyday lives. 

The rest of the weeks will follow this plan as well, God-willing, starting on Mondays and running through to Thursdays. I really want to encourage you to get involved, and to feel free to write any thoughts or questions you have in the comments section, as iron sharpens iron. 

So to end - a prayer for us all....

Thank you that You have given us Your Almighty Word to study, meditate on and live out in our everyday lives. Please draw close to us as we seek to get into Your Word and learn more about You and Your will for our lives. Help us to be disciplined to come meet with You each day, and help us to never forget that You are there with us every time we read Your Word. Help Your Word to come alive to us as we read. 
In Your precious Son's name.
Amen xx

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