Thursday, 14 November 2013

Be joyful... Pray continually... Give thanks....

The reading for today's GMG was found in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18. These are some of my favourite verses so I thought I'd share some thoughts with you.

Joy is a choice - a decision to look past the situation that you find yourself in and to look and focus on the one who lifts you above every circumstance and loves you more than you could ever imagine.  

Your prayer life needs to be so much more than a line or two of grace at the start of a meal, or a few lines asking for things when you find yourself on trouble. Prayer is like a conversation between friends - between me and my best friend of all, my Heavenly Father. He knows everything I am going to pray for, but I know He likes to have me come to Him and pour out my heart to Him. It's the difference between our faith and so many others - a relationship with our Creator God instead of a religion with a list of dos and don't to follow. He is ALIVE so take time to talk to Him! 

And lastly we are told to give thanks in every circumstance - no matter what is going on in our lives. Things may be tough for people at the moment - with money worries, the loss of a loved one or even trouble at work or at home, but we're not to be thankful just when things are going well for us. When you think about it - God gives us breath on the days that go badly just as much as He does on the days that go well... And He gives us everything we need - it may be somewhere to lay our heads, food to eat, a job to pay the rent or a person to love. You may have to look a little to find things to be thankful for, but I guarantee you'll find something. From the smallest of things - a smile on a child's face when you walk in from work - to bigger things - like seeing a rainbow as you travel home in the pouring rain - to the miracles that happen each and every day - when your child who has been ill wakes up and talks to you, or you get your dream job when you thought you had no hope, or someone you thought was lost to you forever walks back into your life... Life is full of things to be thankful for. God is so so good. Just take the time to find them and give thanks. 

Keep shining xx 

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