Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Proverbs 6 Study

Following on with our chapter-by-chapter study, we reach chapter 6. This chapter is another warning - this time about liability and laziness.

Read chapter 6 and answer the folowing questions -

• Summarize the instructions of verses 1-5 in your own words. What are the key principles for living that are found in these verses? 
• What are the principles for life found in verses 6-11? What characteristics of the ant were helpful to the author in developing these principles? Can you think of any other examples that would teach the same truths? 
• What do the seven abominations to the Lord listed in verses 17-19 have in common with each other? How would you state a positive principle that would summarise the point of verses 16-19? 
• What do you think the author means by verse 21? What things can you do to bind the teachings of wisdom to your heart?

Keep shining xx  

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