Sunday, 3 November 2013

Week 3 : Proverbs 5-9 Overview

This week we will be having a quick look at Proverbs chapters 5-9. Our plan looks like this - 

Sunday - read through the chapters prayerfully

Monday - study for chapter 5
Tuesday - study for chapter 6
Wednesday - study for chapter 7
Thursday - study for chapter 8
Friday - study for chapter 9

Saturday - some reflective questions

This is a rough guide, and each of the 'studies' have only a couple of questions to make you think, but hopefully it will help you to really dig into Proverbs. There are lots of amazing individual verses, but when you read it as a whole there are lots of amazing life lessons.

So for today we are going to take some time to read through the 5 chapters (5-9), jotting down any favourite verses or anything that strikes a chord with us. 

Keep shining xx

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