Thursday, 12 December 2013

Keeping Christ in Christmas #1

One of my favourite bloggers - Courtney from 'Women Living Well' - has a wonderful post about keeping Christ in Christmas. I have taken my favourite three ways and I'm going to share them with you over the next 3 weeks.

The first tip I read, and implemented is by far my favourite. I read it last year, but wasn't sure about how I would do it, but this year it was an easy decision to make.

This year, right beside my Christmas tree, I have a little table with an open Bible and a candle on it. The Bible is open to the beginning of Luke chapter 2, and when I pop the Christ,as tree lights on I light the candle as well, reminding me in a very visual way that this book - the Word of God - is the centre of my life, the light that leads my path and the real reason for this festive season. 

I did have a fleeting worry of how people - well, my husband and the boys in particular - would take this rather strange 'decoration', but they all have embraced it and commented on how nice and peaceful it makes our room seem. 

I love it - it's different yes - but it helps me to put Jesus in the centre of the season and helps me keep CHRIST in CHRISTmas :)

Keep shining xx 

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