Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Mary, did you know....

It is amazing how the young woman Mary is fully obedient to the Lord, even though she doesn’t fully understand the implications of what is about to happen to her. We hold up Mary as a woman of strong faith – her faith is strong not simply because she listens, but it is strong because she accepts God’s Word, even when she doesn’t fully understand it. She just knows that something amazing is going to happen. And because she obeyed, her special baby became the hope of all nations. 

Mary responded, “I am the Lord’s servant. May everything you have said about me come true.” And then the angel left her.
Luke 1:38

This is something that we all need to remember, especially at this time of year. We have that many times in our lives when we question our faith because we can't fully understand what is happening in our lives. We don't see the full story - just a little bit - and we struggle to understand why the things that are happening happen. But we need to stand strong and have faith that God knows the outcome of everything going on in our lives and He holds us in His hands. 

There are so many situations we can find ourselves, and so many times that God helps us to persevere and trust Him. As a family we have gone through a couple of 'interesting' situations and the only way we have come out the other side is to trust Him completely. Tomorrow we'll talk about how to take these thoughts and turn them into some practical hope. 

But for now - a little tune which makes me think about Mary as a young mother, bringing up the Son of God. I have so much admiration for her, especially since having my four boys, but just as God chose Mary as the special mother of His Son, He chose me to be the mother of my boys.... And He chose YOU I to be your children's mum. What an amazing thought! :)

Keep shining xx 

Mary, Did You Know.... by the Gaither Vocal Band 

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