Monday, 27 January 2014

A give away - Darlene Schacht's new book!!!!

All this week I will be running a give away - I have 5 copies of Darlene Schacht's brand new book - 'The Virtuous Life of a Christ-centred Wife' - on PDF to give away to 5 wonderful readers! 

Darlene - who writes at timewarp - and is one of my favourite bloggers, describes her book as follows on her blog:

The Virtuous Life of a Christ-Centered Wife is written in the format of an 18-part study for daily or weekly reflection. Not only is it a powerful tool for personal growth, it’s also an ideal study-guide for small groups!

Each lesson leads you through one virtue at a time, offering you applicable and inspiring ways for a wife to grow closer to God and her husband. The virtues discussed are these: 
• Purity

• Self-control

• Love
• Diligence
• Patience
• Kindness
• Humility
• Faith
• Forgiveness
• Joy
• Passion
• Radiance
• Encouragement
• Balance
• Goodness
• Trustworthy
• Courage
Virtue calls us to action. As we exercise each one, they bring our flesh in line with our Spirit.
It’s one thing to know what’s good, and it’s another to walk in obedience to the knowledge that we have received. Not always easy, but obedience to our faith is always worth the effort it takes!

I will be reviewing the book this week day by day, and can't wait to get into it - especially as it  fits so perfectly with our series on the Proverbs 31 woman. 

So how do you win one?? All you have to do is like this post on facebook and comment 'me please' to enter, or if you aren't on facebook you can feel free to comment here on the blog! This is a great book so it's definitely worth getting!!! 

Everyone who 'shares' this post can get an extra entry, and on Sunday I will randomly choose 5 winners!!! 

And if you are too impatient and can't wait - then you can buy Darlene's book at Amazon here

Keep shining xx 


  1. Hi Tanya, it's Ingrid from our old group Good morning girls. So beautiful to see what you are up to now. Sounds so inspiring. I would love to have the opportunity to be in the draw for "the virtuous wife". It sounds right where I am at. I am really searching my soul, and scripture to understand what forgiveness really means. Miss you girl. You are shining for the King!!!!!

    1. Oh I forgot to write "ME PLEASE".

    2. You're in Ingrid!! I'll write you a big long email tomorrow!! Lovely to catch up :)

  2. Debbie - you are in the draw :)

  3. Check the next post ladies!!!! :)