Saturday, 4 January 2014

And even more books!!!!

This is the second half of my book list for this year. I'm so excited to get hold of some of these books - and every month I'll be posting one of them as a book review so I hope you'll join in and tell me your thoughts too.

Ok so back to the list...

8. Anything by Jennie Allen - I read this last summer as part of the GMG programme but I want to read it again as I got so much out of it the first time.

9. Undaunted by Christine Caine

10. Desperate by Sarah Mae and Sally Clarkson - another one I've read but need to re-read again and again.... I love these two women - they are great writers but are also so real. 

11. For Keeps / Here We Come by Chautona Havig - I read the first one in the 'Aggie's Inheritance' series and couldn't put it down!! It was an amazing story (fiction) that had me laughing and crying and shouting out in glee!! And even gave me some wonderful tips for handling my boys on a bad day!! It's taken me a while but I'm determined to finish the series this year! 

12. That's My Son / That's my Teenage Son by Rick Johnson - it's no surprise that these are on my list when you consider my family is made up of 4 boys - one of which is going to become a teenager at the end of 2014. Looking forward to these :)

13. What's so Amazing About Grace? By Philip Yancey - one I have always wanted to read but never got around to...

14. One of Beth Moore 's books - but I haven't decided which one yet!!! I have read snippets from several and I am excited to have several on my kindle, but if you have any suggestions as to which one I should read first, then let me know!!!

So that's my list - we'll see how I get on!!
Keep shining xx 

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