Thursday, 9 January 2014


"I will not fight You - take me past the line that my heart draws 
I will not fight You - take me beyond the laziness of my thoughts
I will not fight - lead me further than I've gone before
I will not fight You - I'm abandoned to Your call
Your will done Your way..."

'Broken Bread' by Rend Collective 

I have listened to this song so much today. I love it when God talks to me - and even better when He uses several sources to make His point. Everything so far this year has been leading me to this -

• to focus my life on God 
• to give my priorities and plans over to God
• to put Him first and to actually keep Him there
• to make sure that every part of my life has been given to Him - not just the easy bits
• to make sure that God is in charge of my marriage, my parenting, my housekeeping and all the messy bits of my life that I prefer to hide from Him 
• to go beyond doing the bare minimum in my life with His help and live beyond my expectations

From the new GMG study, which is even called 'Intentionally Focused', to the music I'm listening to, to the books I'm reading (like Courtney's book 'Women Living Well'),  to the sermons in church, to the conversations with friends... Everything is reminding me that this has to be my focus this year. 

I have always tried to 'shine' but what use is shining to the world when the people close to me - especially my husband and children - are getting the rough and the chaos, the clutter and the moods? True my blog is called 'Shine for the King' but I need to remember that that needs to start at home, where my husband is my first priority, as I seek to love him and submit to him biblically, and my children are my first disciples, soaking up whatever I show them. I need to make sure I'm getting it right and they are seeing humble, loving mother who loves God and exhibits patience, kindness and the rest of the fruits of the Spirit rather than an old bag who shouts, screams and generally is unpleasant to be around. 

So as we start looking at Proverbs 31 this week, I'll be spending particular time on the sections relating to how the verses should impact my family life and my walk with God. I'm doubly excited to be starting on Monday now - and I am praying expecting God to do almighty things in all of our lives this year!

Keep shining xx 

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