Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Walking with the King

When I thought today whether Proverbs 31:10 had any effect on my walk with God, as I seek to love Him with all of my soul, I realised I had to take stock of my relationship with my creator before I could answer.

I have been a 'born-again' 'Bible-believing' 'saved' Christian for over 25 years. Wow - that's a long time when you think about it!!! I gave my life to Jesus when I was 10 years old at a little children's meeting at a church run by my mum's cousin. I may have said it before, but I'm not sure if I was more afraid that Rev. Alan had asked me if I wanted to become a Christian than of going to hell, but whatever the reason I asked Jesus into my life, to forgive my sins and to guide me and help me for the rest of my life. 

I truly believe I made a proper decision for God that night - scared or not!! But I haven't grown as much as I would have expected if you'd asked me that night what my faith would look like nearly 27 years down the line. Over the last few weeks I have thinking about my level of self-discipline - basically I have none - and the fact that I am a naturally lazy person. This has made me complacent, only doing the bare minimum to get by, even in my spiritual life. 

So to give my whole to God - my heart, my soul, my strength, my mind - and to be the priceless woman that He created me to be is a challenge that I need. And when I say 'need' what I really mean is that for me this is a life or death issue. I am sick of just getting by - I long to thrive and grow to be more Christ-like every day. I need to let God take it all and do what He wants with it. I need this.

The Rend Collective Experiment have a song called 'Broken Bread', which includes these lines :

This is my prayer for this journey - that God will move me beyond my comfort level and far into His plan for my life. 

What do you want to do this year in terms of your walk with God? 
Keep shining xx 

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