Friday, 11 April 2014

Creating something beautiful...

My mum and dad are just back from an amazing 3 months in Australia, visiting two of my sisters. They had a fabulous time - which I am very jealous about!! - and brought back lots of wonderful pictures, souvenirs and ideas of things they want to try. My mum especially came home with lots of craft ideas that she wants to create and make.

One of these was the idea of knitting a prayer shawl, complete with 'Father, Son and Spirit' prayers or praying 'Faith, Hope and Love' as you knit it. As I was thinking about it I realised it was a great idea - but for me it's a way to keep praying for those I love, those who are working with and those who so faithfully support us. 

So this week I will be starting my very own - unique - prayer shawl and I'll update you when I get something to take a picture of!!! It will be very different to mum's (which I will also post when she's finished) and although I'm thinking about using the pattern above, it will probably look completely different to that too!! I love the idea of having something useful with my hands as I spend time in prayer. It helps me focus, helps me keep going and... it helps me stay awake!!! Yes - I admit that sometimes when I'm praying I have been known to nod off :) But this will keep me disciplined and faithful. And it comes at a perfect time since the book I'm reading right now is 'Confessions of a Prayer Slacker'! 

What ideas do you use to help you have a faithful prayer life? 
Keep shining xx 

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