Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Decluttering time :)

I love this time of year - when the old is put away, the bleakness of winter is starting to dissipate and new buds and plants spring up all over the place! The old dull days become new, exciting and filled with potential. 

This week I have been starting to spring clean - getting rid of lots of clutter that has accumulated in our house. And there is a LOT of it! Having four boys who take after me - a born hoarder - means we are struggling to decide what is important to keep and what's not. I'm trying to be as brave and bold as I dare... edging onto ruthless!!! The clutter is keeping me from the clean, tidy house I long for - from the haven I hope to design for my husband and children. I love displaying their artwork, but when it comes to them producing four or five a day we have to draw the line somewhere!! Piles of works of 'art', permission forms, letters, toys or clothes are not my idea of a peaceful surrounding. It's overwhelming, confusing and chaotic when it's not under control. 

But so often we can feel the same way in our spiritual life. When we try to do so many things that we end up more confused than blessed... I remember at one stage I was trying to do a Good Morning Girls study, an essay for Bible College, a study on fasting and a book study all in one week. I felt overwhelmed, as if I knew nothing at all and ultimately I felt like a failure when I fell behind. 

As I work through decluttering my house and putting the different rooms back into order, I am reminding myself that while it's great to spend time studying God's Word with friends in a Bible study or read a Christian book together with friends - it is even more important - no - essential - to spend time alone in Gods Word, absorbing what He has to say to us personally. Books, commentaries and bible studies are great, and we need them too, but the best thing is just getting stuck into the Word - just you and God. This is where organisations like GMG or Precepts come into their own - because instead of being based on an actual study book that you have to buy, they teach you to get into the Word yourself. 

Pull back all the clutter that surrounds your walk with god and get back to basics. You, the Word and God. It'll change your life forever! 
Keep shining xx 

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