Monday, 28 April 2014

Planning my week...

At the start of the Easter holidays I had hoped to accomplish some goals... Well, we had a wonderful Easter - full of outings, family time, and an extra special treat for me!! - but I didn't get my list done! But I am totally happy with what we did accomplish and the fun the boys had as they relaxed before another term at school. 

So as they boys head back to school this morning, I am determined to get into routine as quickly as possible, and get back on track with my weekly goals. So here we go...

• Intellectually - I was hoping to have reached the end of 'Confessions of a Prayer Slacker' by the end of last week, but I realised I had also committed myself to joining the online study of another book that has been on my 'to read' list forever! We are reading 'Impact my Life: Biblical Mentoring Simplified' by Elisa Pulliam and I am really excited about finally getting to read it. It definitely helps when you are studying it with others and have to stick to a schedule!! So my goal over the next few weeks will be to complete the studies on time, participate fully and finish the book!! 

• Physically - I have definitely been moving a lot more in these last few weeks, with some lovely walks, a lovely Yogalates session and even a bit of. Jillian Michaels thrown in for good measure!! So to help me in this area I have roped in some friends to 'Move in May' with the challenge of doing at least 15 minutes each day. Can't wait to see the difference it makes!! 

• Spiritually - as the GMG Easter programme finished at the end of last week, and they won't be starting again until the start of June, I have decided to use one of the Precept study books for my quiet times this month. I'm going to work my way through Philippians and it's been ages since I did a Precepts study so I'm really excited to be starting it. 

• Socially - I really need to do some work in our house this week, so I'll be limiting my social contact to phone calls, texts and Facebook. I am meeting one friend for coffee at the end of the week and another friend isn't too well at the moment, so I'll definitely be calling in to see her. :) 

Work-wise I also have a couple of goals for this week - 

• To work in the house and start to 'de-clutter, deep clean and decorate' each room in turn. This week I'm starting in our bedroom as it's been used as a 'dumping ground' when we have company and the rest of the house is spotless!!! So there are lots of things that don't belong there!! 

• Ministry wise I am writing a newsletter this week, writing notes to our supporters and of course continuing writing some posts for this and for the weight loss blog - The Wonders of Dieting Together - to encourage ladies in all areas of their lives. 

What are you all up to this week? Do you make specific plans or 'wing it'? I'm definitely a list gal so I love making lists and seeing what I can accomplish!! But I need to remember in all of this, that I can only do it in His strength - my own is severely lacking. So my main aim is to make sure I spend time with Him every day - first thing - and give my plans and goals to Him each day. 
Keep shining xx 

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