Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Appreciating beauty...

There are so many amazingly beautiful things in our world that we take for granted - things we see every day and don't even notice... and yet when others see it they oh and ah in wonder and excitement. I know that in my life, so much time can be spent rushing around and running the kids (and myself!!) here, there and everywhere... that I often miss the beauty of God's creation and the beauty of the places around me. 

So as part of my goal to slow down and smell the roses, I am hoping to take some photos of things I consider beautiful, be it because they bear their Creator's fingerprints or because I just think it's pretty!! 

So my first post is our local park. We have been down at Londonderry Park millions of times - and I do mean millions - from football training, football matches, summer fun on the grass, practicing hockey in the nets or taking the boys to the play park. But I have never noticed what a beautiful place it is. 

The irony of this is that it's about to be closed down for the guts of a year in order to be rebuilt, reorganised and redesigned!! Wouldn't you know I'd pick somewhere like that!! 

These pictures are taken as you go round the outskirts of the park, where they have painted a white line for you to follow and walk/run/toddle along in a loop that measures 1.5 miles from start to finish. It is a truly lovely walk - I haven't tried to run yet!! - and it really made me think more about our Creator as I walked round it the other day. 

Thankfully it's one of my boys favourites places so I'll get plenty of opportunities to walk it before we have to find somewhere new. 

As I walked round appreciating the beauty around me and thanking God for creating such a wonderful world, the words of this song sang out in my head. I love this version - and I make no apologies for it - we sang it in the Regent House Choir so I have it on my ipad to sing along to when I'm on my own!!! :) 

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