Sunday, 1 June 2014

Eat Pray Love...

As I said at the beginning of this weekend series, I want to bring you into my life, right into the messy centre of everything, and tell you about something wonderful I've EATen this week, a PRAYer that has been answered, and something that I just LOVEd :)

So here is this weekend's offering...


I know I'm trying to persuade you that I'm on a journey to a newly improved healthy eating lifestyle, but my 'EAT' keeps on being beautiful and very fattening desserts!!! I went out for dinner last Saturday night to Ten Square in Belfast with a friend and completely splurged!! One beautiful medium steak and chips later we tucked into this fab dessert :) 

Let me explain it to you in detail... Oh I'm salivating once again!!! We start with gorgeous little chocolate profiteroles filled with cream - yummmmm... Then we move round to the lovely eclair... And finish up with beautiful chocolate mousse... Oh wow - it was totally delicious!!! 

It was amazing and we left feeling nicely full! But I promise next week's will be a little healthier!!! :) 


This week I attended the main ladies conference in our wee country. It's called Focusfest and it's held every year in Belfast. This year's main speaker was a lady called Sally Breen from 3dm ministries - an organisation that seeks to bring discipleship skills to ordinary people - and I love this idea!! Having worked in a ministry where we focused on 'Win Build Send' I was looking forward to hearing Sally speak and to getting some great tips. 

I was able to go to FocusFest this year because a great friend treated me to the tickets - yep the same lovely friend that I went to dinner with :) - and I am so grateful to her - I needed it so much. I had been praying that we would enjoy a day of fun and fellowship and be challenged by what we heard as well as filled by the Holy Spirit. 

Sally was fantastic! She spoke about standing up, standing in and standing out. I'm not going to go into it now, but it really challenged me and gave me a good kick where I needed it!! In particular I was challenged in my praying for prodigals and being there to stand in the gap for them, lifting them up to the Father. So that's what I'm working at the moment. The worship team were fantastic - and I'm still singing the new songs we sang a week later!! All in all it was a fantastic day!!! 


One of my favourite things ever is family time. My hubby works mornings and evenings which means we sometime get to spend afternoons together, but some days he is away early morning to late night. He also travels 7 or 8 times a year, so we really do value family time. This week the boys were off school on Monday so we all went to a fun day at Stormont Estate, our parliament buildings, enjoying spending time together, having fun together and of course getting an ice-cream!! (Yes - even in the rain my boys prefer a nice-cream to anything else and trust me there was lots of options!!!) 

I love spending time with these gentlemen. They are wonderful company, and I just love them to bits. And they all take care of me - whether it's making sure I get something to eat, or making sure one of them walks with me - they're all daddy's boys!! - or holding doors open for me. I'm so proud of them - and especially of the one in the middle!!! :) 

So thats my Eat, Pray, Love for this week. I hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into my weird and whacky life... What did you enjoy this week? 
Keep shining xx  

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