Monday, 9 June 2014

FRIDAY - Life with boys

Last week we had two birthdays in our house. Boy number 2 and boy number 4 turned 10 and 6 respectively so we had a couple of fabulous boy parties!!

The first one was a laser quest party. It's the best boy party ever - lots of hidey holes, large laser guns and the glee and excitement of shooting each other and hearing the word 'casualty'!!! I have never played before - it's a boy thing so I've stayed back and let them go for it!! But this year Ethan invited two girls to his party so I got to go as well!! The girls put up a good show, although we did end up redder in the face and more tired than any of the lads!! Was it bad that I got immense pleasure from shooting my hubby?? 😃 It was fun!!!

The second party was a cycling party. Again it was a mixed group - Micah has two girls who he adores and who get invited to everything :) And this time it involved lots of cycling REALLY fast around my sisters house. It was a fantastic day and the sun was splitting the trees. I was a little worried for the knees and elbows, but thankfully there was only one knuckle scrapped. It was great and the boys had so much fun flying around and around and around... The fresh air tired everyone out so it was early to bed for us all!!! 

I have never had a party with fairy cakes, pretty dresses or princess hats but I have to say that I love boy parties! They are full of energy, yelling, wrestling and wars! Even on bikes we were pirates, soldiers, knights and Vikings! 

Life with boys is fun... and there is never a full moment :))

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