Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Camp time

This week my family are down in a lovely wee place called Fivemiletown helping two churches with their annual outreach week. 

Each year Cavanaleck and Aughentaine Presbyterian Churches put on an outreach week where they run a holiday Bible club, a football camp, a girls afternoon and an evening event for teens and twenties. It's a great week of fun, fellowship and we are so pleased to come down and help. 

The holiday Bible club is on every morning, and has 60/70 kids hearing about 'small' heroes from the Bible - like Samuel, David and the boy who gave his lunch to Jesus. I'm helping with the 6-8 age group and they are excellent fun!!! :) 

Then we have the football camp each afternoon, run by my hubby. It's open to boys and girls but this year we only have one girl and over 30 boys!! At the same time they hold a girlie afternoon where the girls go make brooches, do manicures etc - all the girlie stuff!!! We did check but our niece prefers football so she's happy enough with all the boys!! 

So why are we helping? Well, for the last few years my husband has enjoyed working with the churches during the year coaching in schools and at local teams as part of his sports ministry work - he generally comes down here one day every 5/6 weeks - and then in the summer runs the football camp. Last year we came down with him and then this year we got involved more! 

And it is a lot of fun. As I've said, I'm helping with the holiday Bible club in the mornings, while hubby runs the football camp in the afternoons and then we get to have fellowship and even more fun in the evenings with different families in the church. 

What's even more encouraging is the fact that most of the leaders of the HBC and the football camp are the young people from the church who have come through, stood up and taken on this challenge with a faith and trust in God that is so encouraging to all of the 'oldies'!! And they are doing a fabulous job! 

Every child at all of the events heard about God and the amazing things He has done for us - including the most important part - sending Jesus to die in our place, for our sins, even though He had never sinned and didn't deserve to be punished. And He did that for us. Amazing!!!  And such wonderful news to share. 

And the kids are so excited talking about God. They were all praying today, asking God to help them trust Him as they go into their next school year and in different areas of their lives... as you can imagine - I was nearly in tears!!! Such wonderful, refreshing and genuine child-like faith. 

So it's really challenged me - am I trusting God and worshipping Him as I should - in the child-like faith that I've been reminded of this week? Definitely something to think about as I go through today. 

And what about you? I'd love to hear your thoughts!! Keep shining xx 

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