Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Haven - part 1

This year we went to one of the Haven resorts in England for our family holiday. It's the first time we have left Ireland and our first time at a resort type place. So in typical holiday style, we took my Mum and Dad with us to enjoy the experience :) I wanted to share some of our memories with you.

An early start

Half asleep

Dawn on the road down to Dublin

Waiting for the boat to start loading

The beautiful Irish Sea

Sunday lunch time - we even had a proper roast dinner :)

Target shooting


Fencing for wee men :)

The beach

And again ... :)

Competitive brothers

Crazy golf

The pool :)

And finally the boys favourite...

We had such a great week. Full of memory making moments, family time and relaxing. It was one of the best holidays yet because the boys had a great mix between activities and chill time. And of course we got to watch the World Cup matches too!! 

Tomorrow I hope you'll join me for 'Haven -part 2' as I think about how I am making my home a haven for the boys this summer. I want them to seize each moment but they need relaxing chilling time too. See you then xx

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