Friday, 18 July 2014

Our summer bucket list

This year we decided to make a summer bucket list to help us really seize the days!! So here it is -

1. Have a bonfire
2. Go camping
3. Go bowling
4. Make ice-cream
5. Stargaze
6. Go to an amusement park 
7. Have a picnic 
8. Write someone a proper letter 
9. Read on a rainy day
10. Bake
11. Water balloon fight
12. Do our quiet times each day
13. Movie marathon all-nighter
14. Scavenger hunt
15. Build a sandcastle
16. Go cycling
17. Go swimming
18. Go to visit Nanna
19. Build a fort
20. Watch a sunrise/sunset
21. Send a care package
22. Have a BBQ
23. Go to the zoo
24. Do an act of kindness 
25. Make a summer scrapbook
26. Go to visit Granda 
27. Have 2 friends each come to play 
28. Start our new chore list
29. Family game night 
30. Get crafty

I know we have done a couple of these already in the last two weeks, but I'm still excited to start marking them off  :) We have 8 weeks - 56 days - to do these so I figure as long as we do 3/4 things each week we'll do ok!!  Tomorrow I'll show you what we've accomplished so far. 

I tried to vary the activities on this year's list - mixing physical activities (like swimming and cycling) with quieter activities (like stargazing and reading), and important family activities (like visiting Nanna and starting our new chores) with character building activities (sending a care package and doing acts of kindness). 

I want our boys to grow this summer - as I do every year - in all areas of their life - spiritually, physically, intellectually and socially. 

Keep shining xx 

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