Friday, 18 July 2014

The SBL review - part 1

I realised yesterday that I haven't posted an update as to how we are getting on with our 'Summer Bucket List 2014' - mostly due to the fact that I have been jumping on and off here like a cat on a hat tin roof! So here is our first wee update. Enjoy!! 

The first five activities marked off the SBL...

7. Have a picnic - on Mablethorpe Beach, Lincolnshire. 

17. Go swimming - the beautiful pools at the Haven resort in Mablethorpe.

20. Watch a sunrise/sunset - on the way down to Dublin to get the boat to travel to... you guessed it - Mablethorpe!!

12. Do our quiet times each day - the boys all got new books - exciting! 

6. Go to an amusement park - Barry's in Portrush - an annual family day out :)

I'll be updating it again soon - we've had a busy busy summer!!! 
Keep shining xx 

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