Saturday, 9 August 2014

A trip to Glasgow :)

On Sunday night I took my eldest on his special mummy-son trip to Glasgow to watch some of he hockey at the Commonwealth Games. He was given this special treat as a reward for two things - firstly for actually sitting his AQE - the exams they do over here on order to see what school they get to go to the next year - and secondly because begotten highest mark in his whole school - go Ben!!! This was a great achievement so we told him that he could pick a special outing. 

He wanted to go to Scotland - he's kinda obsessed with it! - and he loves hockey - he's played for a couple of years - so when we spotted tickets for the men's hockey matches at the Commonwealth Games we thought that would be perfect! 

So we got our bags packed and set off for the plane to Glasgow... 

We were lucky enough to be able to stay with family - hubby's aunt and uncle who are a wonderful and incredibly fun couple -  so they picked us up and generally lifted and laid us the whole time. We were truly spoilt rotten!!! 

We started our day being woken by the beautiful singing of Loch Lomond as our uncle walked up and down his stairs (he said he'd wake us so not to set an alarm!!). It was a lovely way to wake up - much better than any alarm I know!! We then started our activities by watching two hockey matches -  

Australia v South Africa

which Australia won 6-0...

and Scotland v Wales 

which Scotland won 4-3 :)) We were extremely happy at this one and it was so exciting being in the middle of a Scottish crowd for it!

And then we headed to the Glasgow Science Centre where this happened... 

And this happened...

We thoroughly enjoyed going round it and we ended the day in the planetarium area, before back by train. 

The following day - after being woken by the lovely tones of the piano - we spent the day in Stirling Castle. It's a lovely place and well worth a visit if you are ever in the area. We got to see around the castle and hear the story of the Unicorn Tapestries (but that's another post!) and we even got to dress up as a court jester, a prisoner and a king... 

Before heading back to the airport and enjoying the various games fun!!!

Doesn't he look handsome!!! 

I am very like my eldest son in temperament so it was a really lovely treat to have a special weekend away without any arguments or 'discussions'! It was a wonderful two days and I'm so glad we decided to go. 

My next son does his AQE this year... so roll on next summer for his mummy-son trip!!! It definitely is a privilege that I get to share life with my four wonderful boys. 

What have you been up to this summer? Any highlights you'd like to share with us? 

Keep shining xx 

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