Monday, 4 August 2014

Busy busy busy...

I told you in a post a couple of weeks ago that we wanted to make the most of this summer, helping the boys to enjoy their break from school and to enjoy and understand the meaning of family time. 

Ha! Things don't always go to plan - and these last two weeks are testament to that! I have had the busiest two weeks ever and I'm sitting here totally exhausted instead of ready to embrace another holiday week! 

Two weeks ago we left for our trip to Fivemiletown, and I've already shared a bit about that with you. It was fantastic week - full of fun, food, fellowship and very busy busy busy!! 

And then we hit this week... 

On Sunday night I took my eldest on his special mummy-son trip to Glasgow to watch some of he hockey at the Commonwealth Games (more about this tomorrow). We stayed with my hubby's aunt and uncle just outside Glasgow and had a fantastic two days away! 

And then since we came back we've been busy little bees! I've had coffees with four different wonderful ladies in four days... and enjoyed time at the beach, movie time with my boys and a weekend of rain rain rain! Not great for outside-loving kids who were banned from the back garden as it looks a bit like a mudslide!! 

All in all I'm wrecked. I haven't had time to breathe, to stop and smell the flowers or even to go visit my lovely mum and sisters. All the things I've done have been wonderful - don't get me wrong - and I've loved every second of the last two weeks, but I feel drained and I'm very ready for a quieter week in the house! 

Embracing the summer really doesn't mean you have to do it all and pack everything into the 56 days we're off. Sometimes it means taking time out to just sit at home and rest as your son does one of his practice papers, or enjoy the simple things like hanging out a wash and letting the wind calm your mind. 

And of course when we are able to be still we get to enjoy the peace and rest of His Word too, having time to really meditate and read slowly so you can take it all in. I'm looking forward to a bit more of my slow but steady study of Job this week :)

No doubt next week will return to the normal summer organised-chaos, and I'll love every second of it, but for now, I'm happy to be having a quieter week that I can enjoy and rest in. It also gives me time to get some posts written so hopefully you'll enjoy it too!! 

Hope you are all enjoying your summer. 
Keep shining xx 

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