Tuesday, 16 September 2014

'Messy Beautiful Love' launch day!!!

It's finally here!!!! Today is the launch day for Darlene Schacht's brand new book!!! 

So what can I say about 'Messy Beautiful Love'....?

Every so often I read a book that changes my life - but I absolutely love it when I do. And this is one of these books.

Darlene is so honest, so graceful and so challenging in the way she has written this book that it makes it one that you will read again and again, and be challenged by again and again...

She deals with issues that face every marriage including those that may not be spoken about very often. For instance, how many of us compare our husbands to other men in our lives, or to other people's husbands, or to characters we watch on tv or read about in a book? 

For instance, my dad is an amazing handy man. He can turn his hand to anything and everything, and since my husband's skills lie in other areas, we always ring my dad with a list of things that need done in my house! It would be so easy for me to think less of my husband because he can't fit shelves on my wall or can't build my flat-pack filing cabinets, but I know he can do so much - just in other areas!! 

And I always find if I read too many romance novels that I start feeling discontent. Thoughts like wishing my husband would fly me off in his private jet to Rome to a 5 star hotel just because... get dragged down with the realisation that he doesn't have a private jet, or the money to whisk me off to a 5 star hotel and the fact that we still have 4 boys to cart off to someone before we could do anything at all!!! You have to love reality!! 

But when you start to think about your husband in positive light, realising that he is unique and a gift from God, then you start to see how lucky you are and how much of a blessing he is, rather than comparing him. 

This is just one of the challenges you get given reading through 'Messy Beautiful Love' and there is so much more. 

So apart from telling you to READ THIS BOOK, I want to remind you of the giveaway happening this week. If you want to join in, read THIS POST and get in!! 

More about the book again tomorrow :) 

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