Monday, 1 September 2014

Getting back to GROWTH

A couple of months ago - before the chaos and fun of the summer hit- we were looking at the letters of the word GROWTH and thinking about how they help us to grow and mature in our Christian life. Well, for the rest of this month, every Monday we'll continue this wee series and finally get to have a good idea of what we need to do to grow to be more Christ-like in our daily lives.

So today I just want to recap on the letters we've looked at already...

We introduced the thought of GROWTH here and looked at what it meant for the four areas of our life. Then we started by concentrating on the most important - our walk with God. So we started by looking at:

For this letter we talked about how amazing the Bible is, with it's many different scribes but one theme, one focus and one true author. It really is the only book where the author can talk to you directly as you read through it's pages every time you open the book. We need to spend time daily getting to now God, and the best way to do this is to spend time in His Word. 

When we came to 'R' we looked at praying and what it means to actually communicate with our Heavenly Father. We need to keep the conversations with Him frequent and although we need to remember who we are conversing with, He wants to hear everything - no matter how stupid or silly we think it is. That's how much He loves us! 

And finally, just before the summer break, we looked at the thought of obedience and what it looks like every day. We looked at how reading the Bible is great, but reading it with an obedient spirit, yearning to find out what words of wisdom God has for us, and wanting to put His Word into practice, makes it wonderful. We found that using systems like the Precepts ministry or Good Morning Girls helps us to get the most out of our time with God, as they teach us how to really read his Word for ourselves. 

And in the next few weeks we'll look at -

W - walking in the power of the Holy Spirit
T - telling others out Christ
H - having fellowship with other Christians 

I'm very excited to be back and to be challenging myself as I think honestly about my walk with God. And I hope you'll enjoy the last few posts with me, this month, as I trust God will challenge us and help us both to keep shining xx 

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