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As we continue with our mini-series on growth and we learn how to mature in our faith, we reach W. 

W - walking in the power of the Holy Spirit

So what on earth is this? I think your thoughts on the Holy Spirit will probably vary considerably with your upbringing, but don't worry - we're not talking about anything too charismatic here. 

When we chose to walk in the power of the Holy Spirit we decide that we are giving complete control of our lives to God - the Father who loves us, the Son who died for us and the Holy Spirit who lives in us. 

Walking in the power of the Holy Spirit is simply deciding each second to do what God wants and not what you want - to give Him control rather than our selfish desires. 

The Holy Spirit, being part of the Trinity, is amazing. It is the Holy Spirit that comforts us, guides us, rebukes us, sustains us and is always there - that amazing feeling to know that we are never alone comes from having Him in our lives. 

But so many of us don't view Him like that. Some people are suspicious when you start to talk about the Holy Spirit - as if it's some sort of magical mystic power that helps you do whatever you want... 

Not at all. The Holy Spirit is simply the mysterious power of God living in us that helps us do whatever we are doing... 

Let me explain! We cannot begin to fathom God. And so we cannot begin to even start to understand the Holy Spirit and what He does in our lives. And when you think about all those times you felt God's voice, knew to make one decision or another but didn't know why, or just felt like God was there in the midst of a hard time - that was the Holy Spirit at work in your life. And when we are walking in the centre of God's will for our lives, He helps us to do whatever we are doing - to the best of our ability giving all the glory to God. 

Totally awesome - in the true meaning of the word!! 

So how does understanding who He is (a little) help us walk in His power day by day? 

We need to make sure that Christ is at the centre of our lives and that He has control over our actions, thoughts and lives - not us. We can so easily get caught up in doing things - even for church - that we take control back and run with what we want to do, but it's not what he wants for us and we miss or ignore the gentle voice that tells us to stop. 

But when we have God at the centre everything goes better. We may still experience illness or pain, and we will definitely experience trials and temptations, but we know He is control and He will help us. 

And that brings us to spiritual breathing. Again, I'm not going all yoga-mystic on you!!! 

Spiritual breathing is where you actively and consciously exhale and inhale - 

• You EXHALE the sin, impure thoughts or whatever is taking back control in your life by confessing your sin and asking God to forgive you, thanking Him for His faithfulness - 1 John 1:9

• You INHALE giving God back control and taking a new step in your journey with Him, in faith and trust, knowing His plans for our lives are better and bigger than than we could ever imagine - 1 John 5:14-15

It really is that easy - once you feel yourself trying to take back control, or if you haven't given control over completely yet, take some time in prayer to breath spiritually and give God back the reigns. It is totally worth it. 

Cru (what used to Campus Crusade for Christ) have some excellent teaching on this - and I thought I'd share this small extract showing how this all fits together. Have a wee read of this...

I pray you'll get some encouragement out of this :)
Next week we'll be looking at the 'T'. 
Keep shining xx 

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