Thursday, 11 September 2014

Lessons from the Doctor...

Yesterday I posted this on my facebook wall...

As I thought more about it I realised just how much there is in this. So I thought I'd share a few thoughts with you. 

I know I'm emotional - and it may have been mentioned on here once or twice!! - but this was beyond emotional. As the episode played, and we meet the 'mad' Vincent Van Gogh, who was of course chasing and fighting aliens ( it is Dr. Who remember!!), we meet a man who is lost and who is completely alone. He has no noone around him. And when a Amy and the Doctor tell him they'll be leaving soon he actually cries. He is a broken man who thinks he is less than he is. He thinks he is useless. He has people everywhere, every day, telling him he is worthless. 

And to top it off, he sees the world in a different way to everyone around him. 

Now that storyline is enough to bring anyone to tears - especially when, as the viewer, you know that he is an amazing artist who committed suicude at the age of only 37. 

But that's not what got me. In an attempt to show him that he is more, he is worthy and he is special, Amy and the Doctor take him to modern day Paris to the Musee d'Orsy where he gets to see an exhibition of his work, surrounded by people who love it, and meet a curator who says this: 

I started crying as soon as the Tardis landed in Paris... I knew what was coming. To watch someone as they realise that they are capable of achieving so much more than they ever thought possible was incredible. Total emotional overload. And yes I know it's TV and they are only acting, but as I watched I looked around at my four boys and realised that I want them to know that feeling and grasp that truth without having to time travel in a magic blue box! 

You see as Christians, believers in the one true God, we trust that He has an almighty plan for every single one of us. We are here on this earth at this exact time for a purpose. And that purpose should bring glory to God. 

And as we look back on our story, my four boys all are growing up, like Van Gogh, seeing the world a little differently than everyone else. Because they see it as a place where they can live their lives to serve God and glory Him in all they do. They see it's wonder, beauty and the awesomeness of God's creation. They see His fingerprint all around them. 

Unfortunately pain, suffering, persecution, depression and loss may still come. They may well go through periods in their lives where they get a little lost. They may experience an illness or a mental health issue like their mum and Vincent can Gogh. 

But when trials come, they will be ready to trust their Heavenly Father, and they will be able to stand firm in the wake of persecution or pain... At least that is my prayer for them. 

But the one thing I'm certain of is that they have a God who is bigger than any problem and He has the power they need to get through it all. He will bring them out the other side in victory, and they can be certain that His plan and His purpose will help them to be the best they could ever be. 

They will hopefully grow up knowing that God created them to be amazing - to be the best they can be so that their lives bring Him glory. And that's the best feeling ever. That's the feeling you get when you know you are in the centre of God's will - no matter what's going on around you. And the feeling you get when you know you've heard His words and obeyed. 

Its a special feeling that I think they captured in this episode of Dr. Who, even if it didn't help Van Gogh to overcome his internal demons. 

As we watch each episode I don't expect to get life lessons or words of great wisdom - it's entertainment after all - but I love it when God steps in and blows me away with His truth. 

Whatever you are doing today - do it well, do it for God and be amazing. 
Keep shining xx 

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