Friday, 2 January 2015

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year and welcome to 2015!!! 

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break with lots of rest and time with loved ones. I can't believe the holidays are nearly over already - they have flown by!! And on Monday we'll all be back into routine, school and work, with all the decorations packed up and presents put away. 

This is the time of year we make those horrid 'resolutions' that never seem to work out and make you feel like a failure about a week into the year. Not a good feeling! Last year I made my list of 14 things I wanted to do in 2014. What I hadn't figured on was the fact that life has a habit getting in the way! 

So last year I wanted to: 
• Lose a stone - yep I did this!!! Unfortunately I put a couple of pounds back on over the Christmas period but I did do it!!! 
• Get a back massage - yes another one done!! I went on an amazing spa day with one of my bestirs and enjoyed a very relaxing massage :) 
• Go for afternoon tea - I did this one but in a slightly 'out of the box' way!! Two wonderful friends invited me to their house for afternoon tea rather than going out - and yes we had cute sandwiches, gorgeous coffee and delectable little desserts!! 
• Do a whole GMG session in my notebook - I did complete the session BUT not in my notebook. So this is something I'd still like to do at some stage. 
• Take each of the boys on an outing - I did this one without realising as I've taken the bigger two to the cinema for a treat and I've done plenty of wee things with the smaller two!! 
• Go swimming - I did this!!! And it was probably one of my highlights of 2014. Although it was during the summer and we were on holiday, it still counts and I must have gone in about 4 times!!! 
• Take hubby out for dinner - we had the most intimate dinner ever - we had fish and chips for lunch in our car in a garage carpark... But it was a spontaneous meeting - he was in between meetings and I was just finished - and it was so lovely it made me smile all day long! It really is the little things in life :) 
• Make a will - opps... Not yet.... 
• Give blood - again not yet :( 
• Do a random act of kindness - yes :) I've done a few of these this year, from taking someone a meal, to paying for something, to random small acts like holding a door, smiling and talking to people just when they need it most. This is something that is amazing - and you get so much more from doing it than they do from receiving it. 
• Get a family photo taken - I've had nice photos taken but we haven't done the official one yet so this is a 'kinda' one!! 
• Share the gospel with someone - I've shared bits and pieces but not the gospel in its entirety. This isn't something I'm pleased with. It was definitely something I wanted to focus on last year. 
• Write a '31 days' series - yes - I'm hoping to share it later in the year but I did it!! A wee hint is that involves turning your house into a haven :) 
• Make something for the house - again this is a big fat yes!!! And I'm so pleased with myself that I'm setting myself mini creative challenges this year too!! 

So from the 14 goals I set last year I completed 9 of them, kinda completed 2 of them and failed miserably with 3 :( 

So what happened? My life happened. I am the first to admit that I try to do too much and constantly get overwhelmed - seen in the fact that even poor Dawn has only just received the second part of her prize - at least I hope she has by now!!! - and it makes me feel all over the place. I want to curl up in a wee ball and just hide away from everything :( 

So when I started my classroom assistant (teaching assistant) course in September I tried to get über-organised and ended up uber-confused!! I'm in my sons' primary school two mornings a week for my placement, and I'm in tech one day a week for the course, so it's been all go...

But the thing that I noticed most about the last couple of months was that for the last 6/8 weeks of the year I didn't open my Bible or even try to make time for God, making it much much harder on myself. He is my strength. He is the only one who can keep me going and keep me balanced, and so that will be my focus this year as I finish my course and try to do everything else as well. 

Tomorrow I will share my plans for 2015, personally and for the blog, and I would love to hear what you are going to focus on this year. This truly is our year to SHINE - 365 days just waiting to be filled with things to bring glory to our Father. 

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