Sunday, 5 April 2015


Sorry it took me two days to write! I'm going with my first thought here! I'm sure I could do this several times and come up with different ideas!! So here's the list :) 


1. Make up a to do list - walk round your house and have a look at what you see. Imagine you are a visitor and look at it objectively. Write a list of things that need done - now, soon and later. 

2. Declutter - go round your house and declutter as much as you can... you cannot have a restful, happy home if you aren't free to move around. 

3. Deep clean - sorry but this is essential! We can't get round it - a happy home is clean. So get all your cleaning supplies together and go for it! 

4. And now the fun stuff!!!! We've cleaned and decluttered and you've a 'to do' list for all the big things. So let's start as we mean to go on - we're going to engage our senses! Firstly, find, but, make or create a welcome sign for your house :)

5. Make one of the rooms look good - whether by changing the lighting, adding little touches like flowers or something handmade, add your family's character to the room so it looks good to you. 

6. Make your home sound good - there is nothing like having some soft worship music playing in the background to set the tone of your home. And it's even better to kick up the beats when it comes to cleaning time! Singing along to 'Something in the water' at the top of your voice definitely makes cleaning the toilet a more blessed experience!! :) 

7. Make your home feel good - cosy cushions, blankets, handmade goodies and knitted jumpers or quilts will help your home to tease your touch sense and help it feel better. 

8. Make your home smell good - this is a great one :) Cookies, a roast dinner or a pile of hot scones engages your sense of smell and your taste-buds. And when you get to enjoy them with friends it's even better. 

9. Decorate for the seasons - eg put hearts up for Valentines Day, or spring flowers for Easter. It helps change the house up a little while not being dear! 

10. Create some peaceful spaces - especially in the bedrooms. Try to keep technology out of the bedroom and use things like candles and soft lighting to create your own private haven. And above all keep it tidy! 

11. Have tv / technology free days so you can recreate easy childhood days. There's nothing like sitting before a roaring fire, reading or having a family game night - we're a competitive lot!!! 

12. Make it yours - make sure you have photos up because it's lovely to see the people we love all round us. I'm not talking stalky type photos! But we do need photos - there's nothing worse than a house that has no photos or character. 

13.  Invite people in - a house filled with friends and family is a happy house indeed. Even if you don't enjoy entertaining, invite your best friend in for a cuppa and immediately your house becomes a home. 

14.  Laugh more. 

15. Give it to God. There is nothing that will make your house more homely than making sure God is at the centre of it and that everything you do in your house is for Him.

So that's it!! I am going to do this a wee series very soon - so keep an eye out in May!! It was so much fun to think of these and I really am excited to get my house done now!!! :) 

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