Tuesday, 7 April 2015


The question of where my happy place is, is an easy one. My happy place is a beach. But not just any beach! I've always loved the sound of the waves against the sand and rocks, and I've always found solace watching the ocean if I've been upset or annoyed. I love all beaches - the one at Millisle is my most visited one where I could sit for hours, while the one at Whiterocks is a family favourite. 

But my very happy place is a very special beach at I visited once upon a time. It's quite a famous beach, as it was used in a chocolate ad, but a very private beach. It is, of course, the beach on Rose Island in the Bahamas. I visited it on my honeymoon with my husband and his brothers family. It's a place where I remember feeling safe, warm, content and where all was right with my world. I was with the love of my life and love going back there when I need a happy place to go to :) 

Short but sweet xxx 

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