Sunday, 26 April 2015


Today's challenge was to write about our routines and the things we do that help life to roll again the way we need it to. It got me thinking about how busy my life is at the moment, and how much I need a newly routine! 

So over the next four weeks I will be concentrating on part of this new routine, and helping me to get my life back to being beautifully balanced. 

So this week my focus will be on getting up early to start my day off right - spending time with God. This sets up my day in the best possible way and I really do love when I get up early to do it. Unfortunately in just a bit lazy!! So there will be lots of alarms, early nights and prayers going into this week!! 

I'm studying about HOPE at the moment - using a fantastic 'FOCUSed 15' study written by Katie Orr. These studies are a fabulous way of getting into the Word and I'd highly recommend any of her studies!! 

So here goes... 😀

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