Monday, 25 May 2015


Most of you will notice that once again I've got slightly lost in my challenge of blogging each day... but my excuse involves the words 'hospital' and 'pain' I hope you'll forgive me!
I am indeed back in hospital. My gallstones are still vacationing in my bile duct - I think they like it down there and have decided to stay - but its leaving me in pain and very VERY itchy. Its crazy!! So I'm slightly jaundiced again and staying in this lovely ward until I get them removed. Forcibly. Since they no longer seem to want to come home on their own.
I've been spending my time reading, listening to music, playing games and trying to finish my Unit 6 assessment... I say 'trying' because today I managed to do everything but it and managed to make 'everything but it' last all day!! And since we are still being woken at 5:30am for obs, its a very long day!!
So the first thing I did (while procrastinating wildly) was to turn on my Kindle app and I realised that I have got a LOT of books! 679 to be precise. Most of them I downloaded when they were free on Amazon, but I’ve hardly read any of them so free isn’t really a reason to get more! It’s just as well they are digital as I think my hubby might have a heart attack if they were proper books!
So I’m going to try to read a book a week – starting with the smaller ebooks – and find out the reason I got them in the first place!
So this week’s book is ‘101 Reasons to Write a Journal’ by Samuel L. Lyttle.

I’ve always loved writing and doodling, and the idea of keeping a diary always appealed to me, but I was never any good at doing it consistently. But since I also enjoy blogging (again not consistently but I’ll get there), I thought I’d try one of the electronic journals he suggests.
But first let's not dismiss the good old pen and paper method. I have a Bible Journal that I have started keeping, complete with drawings and colour, and I love doing it. It has added a new dimension to my quiet times and really helped me think about the Word in a new way.

SO it will be interesting to see if this new journaling method helps too.
I’ve set up a moment by moment account on my phone, kinda like twitter but private, and an actual one I can write in and keep account of my days. I’m excited and it will be interesting to see if I can keep it up and see what, if any, difference it makes.
If anyone has any journaling secrets they’d like to share, or any advice for someone just starting out, I’d love to hear it.
Do you journal or write a daily diary?
And what are you reading this week?
Ciao bella xx

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