Tuesday, 26 May 2015

My Top Ten Reasons to Journal...

Following on from yesterday’s post, I’ve been reading more of our ‘Book of the Week’ looking at the different reasons we should journal. In his book Sam splits his 101 reasons into the following categories:

·         Self-improvement reasons
·         Creative reasons
·         Family reasons
·         Writing reasons
·         Problem solving
·         Spirituality
·         Daily Life
·         Logging (milestones, daily tasks etc)

There are lots of amazing ideas for putting pen to paper in the 101 reasons, but because I realistically know I’m not going to do all 101, I decided to pick my top ten and work through those. So starting today, I’m going to be journaling these privately, but I thought I’d also share them on here as well. I’m so excited to start!!So excited you’re actually getting TWO posts today!!!


My Top Ten Reasons to Journal
1.       Find out who you are…
2.       Increase your chances of achieving your goals
3.       Develop a well-defined bucket list
4.       Develop gratitude for the smallest things
5.       Become more organised
6.       Remember important/interesting/funny stories
7.       Capture ideas before they are gone
8.       Record your prayers
9.       Connect with God
10.   Track your workout / food eaten

Each day (for the next 10 days) I’ll be focusing on one of these and bringing my thoughts to you – not all of them of course J The extra private bits will most definitely be staying private!!

What do you journal about and how often do you journal?

Ciao bella xx

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