Sunday, 31 May 2015

Who I am... part six

I am free…

“So if the Son sets you free, you are truly free”

John 8:36

I mentioned freedom a couple of times earlier. It’s a strange thought – after all we’re not exactly slaves are we? But freedom comes in a variety of forms. And for the purposes of this I’m not even touching on the A21 Freedom campaign and human trafficking – it’s a wonderful organisation and campaign to get behind but we’ll focus on that another time.

So back to freedom in our lives. What exactly do we need freed from? Well how about sin for starters? We all have something that tempts us back time and time again – some sin (usually secret) that catches hold of us and drags us back into its depths where we lose control and end up worse than ever before. And it can different things. For some it might be spending money, or eating, or smoking, or drinking, or watching porn, or reading books you know aren’t good for your mind at all… if it’s something you do in secret, then it’s probably something you shouldn’t be doing. And how does it get you? It tempts you, and then after you partake of its delights (for me its food), it reminds you of why it’s wrong, why you were supposed to deny it and stay away from it, and makes you feel the guilt and shame that pulls you in so the cycle starts all over again. I’ve been there – many times – but God didn’t design us to live like this. He didn’t want us to live in the fear of being discovered, or the guilt of your hidden sin or the depths of shame you feel as you wallow in what’s just happened. He died to give us FREEDOM. Freedom from sin. Freedom from that guilt, fear and shame. Freedom from the negative thoughts that the devil uses to drive us back to the cycle again and again. Freedom from the hold sin has on us and from the world around us. Freedom to enjoy being His daughters. Freedom to praise Him and worship Him in all circumstances. Freedom to do the right things, with His help, breaking the cycle again and again and again. Freedom from all those things that hurt us, and freedom to enjoy life His way. WOW!! Now that’s a life I want to live!!

Keep shining xx 

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