Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Reason 2 - Journaling increases your chances of achieving your goals

I really loved journaling the ‘Who I am’ thoughts. It has really encouraged me to think outside the box and become much more confident in who God has made me and why He loves me. So I’m excited to get moving further down my ‘Top Ten’ list and see what other gems we have!

So the next reason to journal is that writing down your goals, in SMART ways, increases your chances of achieving them. 

What do I mean? Well – a goal not written down is only a dream. You can have amazing dreams, but until you sit and think about how to do them, and whether it is actually achievable, they will stay as that – dreams. In order to move them along you need to use the ‘SMART’ criteria – and this is what keeps your dreams on track and turns them into goals that you can work towards. SMART goals are - 

S – Specific - your goals need to be as detailed as you can if you actually want them to work…
M – Measureable – you need to be able to see clearly if you are achieving them so you need to be able to measure how you are doing in them
A – Attainable – goals may originally seem way beyond your reach, but this is where you break them down into smaller steps, each one helping you reach your final goal. 
R – Realistic – your goal must be something you are WILLING and ABLE to work towards – there’s no point in writing down something that is never going to happen – like becoming an Olympic athlete when I’m not in the least sporty!
T – Time bound – you need to give your goals a time boundary, because those that go on for years and years risk never being completed. 

So with these rules in mind what are my goals? 

Wow – this is still a very hard questions to answer! I am very good at coming up with weird and wonderful ideas – and I love to dream, but how can any of these be translated into achievable goals? I don’t even know which ones I’d really love to come into reality. 

At the start of 2015 I wrote out a list of goals I thought I wanted to achieve this year. But although I tried to be SMART with them I don't think I succeeded! So over the next day or two I'm going to review my goals and see which ones have been completed /still apply / need changed completely!!   

Starting off - our first 'goals' were - 


1. Oh dear... I'm not a morning person (I think I may have said this time and again...) so this hasn't worked very well at all. It's been something I've been getting better at when I've been in hospital, since they wake you up so early and I've been using this time as a quiet time, but at home I can't get out of bed. So this definitely needs changed to make it more realistic. 
2. Oh dear oh dear... The book of Isaiah, while I did start going through it, was more than I could cope with this year. I'm afraid I gave up and have flitted around with different passages ever since. So this needs looked at as well...
3. This is the only one I've definitely been doing. And although it's not a set time every day, I have definitely been praying for them all each day. In reviewing this one I want to become more medical and pray for them in a more regular and cohesive way so I've got an idea to try! 

As you can see, my first set of goals need a lot of work! So using my SMART criteria, here goes my new improved goals for 2015. 

1. Get up at 6:15am each morning for a week to spend time with God. I will be starting to get up a little earlier and a little earlier until I reach my 6:15am mark and then I'll be doing this for a week - and then another week- and then another week... You get the picture!!  I really do find starting my day with God helps me in an unbelievable way, so I'm determined to get this discipline into my daily routine! 

2. Study a book of the Bible using the 'FOCUS15' method and my colouring pencils! You'll notice I haven't chosen a book yet. I'm thinking about starting in the book of Luke, but I, going to give it a bit more thought. I want something realistic and doable... And I have a new template to help me get the most out of each chapter so I'll share that with you in a little while. 

3. Pray regularly for my husband and boys. I want to be more focused in my prayers, so I intend to pray for a different character trait/topic each morning as I make their beds. They are trying to do this themselves but I will be going behind them to tidy/straighten them out as they aren't great at it yet!! So it's the perfect opportunity to get praying for them individually :) 

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