Wednesday, 12 August 2015


In a conversation with my other half recently it came to my attention that the word I used most wasn't anything as normal as 'no' or 'yes' - it was 'later'. Things like...

"I'll do that later""I'll wash your training gear later""I'll start dinner later""I'll clean the bathroom later"

Even going as far as... 

"I'll come sit with you later""I'll have a cup of tea with you later""I'll talk to you later"

Mostly, because of my severe lack of self-discipline, later never arrives. And although this bothered me because I didn't get the things that were needed done, it didn't bother me that much, until I realised how much - or how little - value it gives to those around me. 

When my son asks me to see something he's built on Minecraft and I say "later" he realises I'll probably not look so just goes on to play. 

When my husband asks me to check the banks and I say "later" he knows I will forget and he'll have to remind me more than once before I do it. 

When my sister texts me and I say "I'll text you later" she would die of shock if I actually did it. 

Now I love each of these people immensely - yet each of these actions  show no love, to the extent of being rude, disregarding their feelings and acting as if they aren't important at all. 

That is NOT what I want to communicate to them. This is NOT what I want them to feel. Because this is NOT what they make me feel. They give me time, energy and help as much as they can. They fill me with joy and happiness. And they deserve the same back. 

"We love because He first loved us"
1 John 4:19

God loves us so much He sent Jesus to die for us. He wasn't too busy. He wasn't too occupied by all that He had going on. He didn't ignore us or say "I'll get to that rescue plan later". He sent Jesus at the perfect time to pay the price my sins  - including that of saying "later" so often. 

He loves us - so we can in turn love others. This is definitely something I'll be looking at over the next few weeks and months as I continue learning to balance my life - showing the people I love the respect and love they are due, and learning to limit my "later"! 

Keep shining xx 

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